I came to France in 2009 from a small town in Pennsylvania and immediately fell in love with France, French culture, and French people. I have always felt very drawn towards languages, and learning French and Spanish in school allowed me to pursue many opportunities which I would not have otherwise had the chance to experience, such as travelling and working abroad. When I arrived in Tours, after receiving my Bachelor’s degree in French and Sociology from Connecticut College, I was eager to share my love of language with the community, and began teaching English in primary schools. This experience in the classroom affirmed the incredible potential and joy young children have for learning languages, and it has motivated me to pursue a Masters degree at the Université de Tours to teach English as a foreign language. At English for Kids, I am able to continue sharing this love of language as I accompany children on the exciting journey of learning English through songs and games…

Along with Sarah, I am teaching the bilingual class at English for Kids. This unique opportunity brings together children who have lived in a number of English-speaking countries and who, therefore, master a native comprehension of the language. At English for Kids these bilingual children are able to continue expanding their vocabulary and progressing their oral expression through the complete language immersion our program offers. In addition to the language, the children are also encouraged to share their multi-cultural experiences, providing a truly remarkable and diverse atmosphere for all!

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